Battle of Britain

Battle of Britain: 303 Squadron

Any argument about using video games as educational material should take the time to examine and learn about Battle of Britain: 303 Squadron. This little browser game brings an excellent game in terms of amazing visuals and audio, innovative gameplay mechanics, challenging stages, engaging narrative, and yes, historical accuracy. Basing itself on the actual battles of No. 303 Polish Fighter Squadron, this game presents to players a unique perspective on the historical war by actually putting you in control of the various pilots in virtual recreations of the actual dogfights they fought in.

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World War PC Games

Ah, the World Wars, whether it is the first or second one, you know that there are plenty of theatres of operations, skirmishes, and globally changing battles that occurred. Aside from the massive history lesson on why wars are seriously a bad thing for all sides involved, it also serves as a great resource for the gaming industry. So, if you are hankering of a bit of good old historically-themed combat, why not try out one these amazing games that focus on the world's greatest military conflicts?

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